Weakfish No Match For A Day On "No Time"

Excerpts Reprinted From Newsday

Tom Rock, "Insider" Reporter

" Nick Savene rattles off the different ways he has caught striped bass this year and he sounds a little like Bubba, the character from "Forest Gump," listing all the ways he cooks shrimp.

"We've used live bunker, bunker chunks, clam bellies, we've trolled bucktails," Savene said on a fishing trip Wednesday. "Did I mention live bunker? We've used about eight or nine different techniques, all with great results."

Maybe a little too great, in fact. Savene, who runs No time Charters, out of Bay Park Marina in Oceanside, admitted that he is starting to get a little "bassed out". He has developed a reputation as one of the top striped bass fisherman in Western Long Island and his business has been growing steadily, but it only human nature to want to fish for other species. So when a couple of regular clients - guys who were growing tired of catching bass after bass themselves -, called and wanted to set up a trip to go weakfishing, Savene's eyes lit up.

By the time the trip was over, it was the clients whose eyes were wide staring at a cooler filled with a fluke, a few bass, several bluefish and an almost obscene amount of weakfish."

Big City, Big Catches

Excerpts Reprinted from Newsday

By Wayne Kermode, "Outdoors" Reporter

" Barely know how to bait a hook? Your favorite fishing spot has dried up? Or would you just prefer to leave the driving to someone else?

Someone like Captain Nick Savene can give you a hand. After all, that's his business.

Savene, licensed captain of the charter boat No Time, operates out of Oceanside and is bullish on the off shore fishing within sights of the World Trade Center.

"Most people aren't aware of what's in their own backyard," Savene said.

Long Island Fisherman Magazine

by Marshall Shlar

" Capt. Nick Savene has been in the fishing industry for over 20 years, and consistently demonstrates his fish catching ability on his 28� Phoenix "No Time". Capt. Nick could best be described as one of Long Islands best kept secrets.

This team, Nick and his mate Kevin, are truly top of the line, and need to be recognized for their skill. I was quick to learn that the "No Time" charter vessel specializes in many other species as well. Throughout the spring season Capt. Nick focuses mostly on his specialty of striped bass, however when sea bass, blackfish, tuna and bluefish move in he gets right in on the action. The "No Time" is truly an all around fishing vessel, and I was amazed with the results of my trip. With spring right around the corner, now is a good time to reserve a spot on a charter boat near you. Long Island is home to hundreds of charter vessels ranging from Sheepshead Bay all the way to Montauk. If you haven�t set a date for the spring run, give Capt. Nick "No Time" a call.